Welcome go Qcumber Studios.  We are a bespoke film studio south of the river in Western Australia, situated fifteen minutes from Perth and Fremantle.  Qcumber is perfect for training films, music videos, photography shoots, webverts, commercials, in fact anything involving a camera.  Our specialty is video for internet delivery.

Our studio area is approximately 6.3meters x 7meters and 3meters in height to the lighting bars.  The studio area has an infinity wall and is painted in Green Chroma Digi Chroma paint to give a perfect key for any chroma shoot.  Our lighting set up includes three lighting bars spanning the studio floor with each bar holding four, two bar kino lights.  There is additional lighting available should extra be required from the floor.

Below is a virtual tour of the studio space, click on the hotspot to see a shoot in action. Click here for full screen or if using VR goggles.

An infinity white lasolite backdrop is available in a 3 meter by 7 meter drop for infinity white shoots.  There is a similar size backdrop in chroma blue also available.  A curtaining system around the studio floor allows for four different curtaining options, if required.  Colours available include white, red, blue and black.

Audio baffling above the studio floor filters most noise to allow for clean audio recording.  The studio has shower/toilet facilities, a small kitchenette for coffee and tea, a reception area for relaxing and upstairs a hair/makeup/costume room.  The studio is available with all equipment included in the one hourly fee of $110 GST exclusive.  Additional equipment includes mirrorballs, smoke machines, bounce boards, cables, monitors etc.  All shoots come with a Qcumber staff member who can provide as little or as much assistance as you require.





hair shoot

Miss Jessica's shoot2


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