Our chroma studio is turnkey, which means all the lights are set up ready to go, the studio floor is clear and you just need to turn up.  Our hourly rate is a cracker at $110 GST exclusive an hour, but that includes EVERYTHING in the studio.  You want to use any of the backdrops, then no worries, you need a reflector or extra lights, no worries you can use it.  All for the one low hourly rate.  Also you get a technician who will do technical stuff.

We do have a couple of housekeeping rules to keep everything running smoothly.

1. The studio is a non smoking venue and as such no one is permitted to smoke within any part of the studio.
2. Parking is owner bays only. You may drive your vehicles to the roller door to unload and pack equipment, however, all vehicles must be parked in the cul de sac during attendance at the studio. As the client we provide you one car bay directly outside of the studio.
3. Please do not mark the floor or the walls.
4. If you move any lights, please ensure you return them to their previous position.
5. Any breakages or damage to the studio by you or members of your crew will be your financial responsibility to replace or repair.
6. The studio will be provided to you in a clean and tidy state. It would be awesome if you leave it that way.
7. If you put anything in the fridge, remember to take it with you when you go.
8. Thefts in this area are commonplace, it is your responsibility to either lock the front door when filming or secure your belongings. Items of value can be locked in the office.
9. Any persons connected with your production who attend the studio, will be required to adhere to the above requests.
10. Payment is required at the conclusion of the shoot unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Studio Manager.

Other than those minor requests, have a smooth and hassle free shoot and ask us if you need anything.  We may have it tucked in a drawer somewhere 🙂

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