Are you an experienced and inspirational Life Coach, Mentor or Educator? Are you passionate about sharing your experience, knowledge and unique perspective with others? Have you considered creating your very own online courses that can empower and educate people all over the world.

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There are multiple learning platforms that allow you to upload your online content so that it can be reached by the specific people who are seeking your services, all over the world, 24 / 7, 365.

Qcumber Studios can help you in reaching this goal by filming and editing your 10 week or 5 week online courses. We remove all the pain with respect to filming and editing and even can even provide a teleprompter to assist you in presenting and a stylist to make you look your best. Come to our studio and experience a premium filming experience and let us help you create your high end, professional, online videos. You provide your unique content and we do the rest. Stand out from the crowd.

Creating your own content for online training and learning has multiple benefits. Because the internet is global there is a much larger market to attract interest from. Instead of servicing a smaller number of clients physically, online training and learning allows for your content to be accessed 24 /7 by clients all over the world. Additionally, only those specifically interested in your content will look for and find it. Online training and learning is also convenient and clients can move through the content at their own pace.

Online training and learning is also provides a good return upon your initial investment. Given there are many online training hubs, your content can be uploaded to many different platforms there by expanding the possible market place for your content.

Most people receive a 100% percent return on the time spent and cost to host such training. And once the course has paid for itself, all other returns are profit. If you create a website and offer people access to the training for a fee, you can easily automate their signup, use an email service to provide them logon information and you don’t have to be present. This makes your online presentations or training available to your participants 24/7 around the world. While you are sleeping, you could be earning a return on your original investment.

Lastly, online training and learning promotes your brand continually. It is not an advertisement in the paper that is good for one day, or a radio commercial that is only worthwhile if there is someone to hear it. Online training and learning once on the internet, is there and accessible for as long as you determine.

Our services include the provision of thirty (30) 3 – 5 minute videos that would make the bulk of your 10 week course, or fifteen (15) 3 -5 minute videos for the bulk of your five week course. You can add lesson plans and resources that compliment the video content. All videos are branded and contain any number of dot points, graphs, graphics or other video/photography as required by you. Your experience begins with your first visit to Qcumber Studios. We are located fifteen minutes from Perth and Fremantle. We are locally owned and run and we have been doing this for twelve (12) years. Experience is everything.

Call us for a no obligation discussion and tour of the studio.  Amanda on mobile 0433 466 916
What can I expect when I decide to move forward?

Service Benefit
Pre production meeting We want to know what you want your videos to look like.  In this meeting we get to understand your branding, your message and your content.  You will also meet our in-house Stylist who will review your current wardrobe for the best outfits and suggest hair and makeup styles for the shoot.

You will also be walked through the Qcumber paperwork which will assist you in crystallizing each video, its look, logos, backdrops and any graphic, dot points or embedded film or photographs.

A time will then be scheduled for filming

Production Checklist Closer to the date of filming you will be sent a production checklist confirming filming dates and times, props, assets required, a schedule of filming etc.
On the day /s filming From a USB provided by you, the scripts will be uploaded to our teleprompter.

You will be taken away for hair, makeup and styling by our professional inhouse stylist.

The studio is turnkey and will be set up ready for shooting upon your arrival.  Once you have been styled there will be sound and lighting checks.
The day /s  filming will continue with comfort and meal breaks.  You don’t need to do anything but be yourself and let us take care of the technical aspects of the shoot.
Provision of videos After the editing team have completed your videos you will be presented them as a first draft for your review.  Any amendments will then be made.
Post production meeting At this meeting we provide you your videos in an MP4 and MPEG format for either internet delivery or DVD delivery.  Your scripts and any assets provided  by you to assist in the film creations will also be returned.  Copyright will be signed over to you at this point.

Online training and learning is an investment and an accolade to your unique journey as a life coach, mentor or educator.

How much will it cost?

We have ensured that our video packages are extremely cost effective.  The cost of each video is $220 GST Exclusive in the 5 week course (x 15 videos) and $200 GST Exclusive in the 10 week course (30 videos).  This includes studio time, all equipment including cameras, lighting, audio etc.  As well as the Camera and lighting technician and the Fashion stylist.  The only proviso is that the 5 week course (15 videos) are shot in 1 and a half days and the 10 week course (30 videos) over three days.   Weekends  are not an issue for us at Qcumber Studios, so if you work during the week, a weekend shoot is available. 50% down payment is required on the day of the shoot and the remaining balance is upon acceptance of the finished videos.  Given the popularity of our packages, studio time will also depend upon availability.

Contact Amanda today on 0433 466 916 or email her directly at Filming availability is subject to Qcumber Studios current filming commitments.